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Nitrous Express Fill Station UNIVERSAL

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11660-6 Bottle Fitting For 660 Bottle Valve
Pump Station Master Bottle
Size 6AN
15909 Economizing Nitrous Valve
For Next Generation Nitrous Pump

Product Description

Tired of the hassles with your antique nitrous pump? What you really want is the NX Next Generation Nitrous Fill Station. Designed from a clean sheet pf paper, not adapted from some other use, this billet “Bad Boy” puts the others to shame. Its balanced, double end pumping design is able to deliver 6lbs of nitrous in 60 seconds, optional, built in digital scale, run-dry technology, and the quietest pump on the planet. This pump can be operated “dry”, without nitrous, for extended periods with no seal damage and requires only a fraction of the air required by the current designs available.

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